Wednesday, 19 April 2017

What Mental health is to me...

People often think Mental Health is all mind fullness and therapy. But there is always another side and one I think people don't really like to talk about.

It is the endless nights of not being able to sleep as your brain over thinks every single thing you have done in your life. And then the not wanting to wake up in the morning because you know the problems will still be there in the morning.

It's the endless doctor appointments for reviews on medication and so they can see how you are doing and keeping an eye on you. The phone call to book the appointments and then the waiting rooms with people who are really "sick". The anxiety of the waiting room and waiting for your name to be called.

The prescription and then having to find someone to take you to collect them and making sure that you order them before they run out. And the interactions with other medications and what you can and cannot take. And the stigma of being on medication, and having to explain to other people why you are on them.

The not wanting to wear short sleeves in the summer as you are scared of people seeing the scars and passing comment, I also have scars on the tops of my legs and I don't want people to see them. The self harming too, and hiding it and having to always have first aid supplies and also hiding them especially at work.

And people who don't understand Mental Health. Who say "What do you have to be depressed about?" And "Oh you will get over it" It is not that easy, And it is not that easy to explain what is going on inside your head especially when you don't understand it yourself.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


I have had a break from blogging. Had a lot going on at home and stuff and I just needed to take a break and I have not had the time or the enjoyment in writing blog posts. I also had a mind blank and could not think of anything to post. 

My gran has been in hospital for a month so had everything to do with that to deal with, and I was going through a tough time myself. I am feeling a little better. Things at work seem to of settled down again and I am enjoying it. 

I just need to deal with me and the issues I have at the moment and I will be back once I have some inspiration and ideas to blog with. But I am always on twitter if anyone needs me or wants to chat.