Sunday, 25 June 2017

Life is a rollercoaster..............Especially with Depression.

I am not doing so great at the moment. My anxiety and depression has gone downhill and as much and as hard as I try to fight it I cannot beat this battle. I don't really know what has caused it to be totally honest. I wish I did know then I could try and sort it, I have had a little slip up with my self harming, And I am annoyed at that. I am finding work tough at the moment too and I think maybe that might be what it is. I don't want to admit that though as it was all going so well and I don't like people at work worrying about me and them having to check in with me weekly because I find that attention difficult. 

I have a little break now and as much as I wish I was in Cardiff money just couldn't cover how much the train fare would of cost me and if I am a bit honest I am scared about travelling alone to any cities at the moment.

Anyways I am trying to be OK but I need to remember that not every single day or week or month is going to be amazing and that It is OK not to be OK.

I love you all lots. Till next time 

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